Aviva Stadium all set to become European headquarters for American College Football from 2020

Aviva Stadium all set to become European headquarters for American College Football from 2020

The following Advertorial was featured in the game programme for the Ireland vs. England 6 Nations game.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL is why American Universities dominate the globe…

College Football, along with other intercollegiate sports, has been enormously helpful in building the College Brand. It helps draw together all members of the college community (students, faculty, staff, alumni, and local fans) in opposition to the rivalry in the big game. It promotes a loyalty that expands over multiple family generations, which translates into a broad political base for state funding and a steady flow of private donations. It’s fair to say, Ireland could learn from this unique business model which brings college communities together with a lifetime loyalty to their college brand. From 2020, thanks to the Aer Lingus College Football 5 game Series, we have the opportunity to embrace this unique culture and further strengthen the important ties between the United States and Ireland.

Tourism and the Economy

The Series of games will have a huge economic impact in Ireland, particularly in the tourism industry. In 2012, Navy vs Notre Dame generated €60 million for Dublin (source: Dublin Chamber of Commerce) and an estimated €100 million in total for Ireland. Driving tourism and strengthening ties between Irish and US businesses and academic institutions are a key driver in bringing American Football back to Ireland. The five-game series is estimated to bring an economic boost of over €250 million to the Irish economy. Indirectly past games continue ‘to give’ through networking and connections made…

Get Involved

As part of the overall experience, under the now established game umbrella #MuchMoreThanaGame each ‘Game week’ will include a full program of highprofile business, academic, cultural and sporting events to include the inaugural Ireland – USA CEO Club on Friday August 28th 2020.

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